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Re: Phone number changed itself

@Mary_M wrote:

Hey @CalciferBurns,


please reach out to our mod team for further assistance.


(if you did attempt to port over a number, but it did not complete, the number is changed after 30 days)





@Mary_M :


I dont mean to "hijack this thread" but this post is related to this thread and your response - I am going to describe our situation and ask for clarification regarding porting success/failure. 


--------Description of situation----------

I have a family member who activated a public mobile SIM/account via the website Monday night. They requested to port a number from ROGERS (prepaid) and provided the ROGERS PIN number.


Immediately after activation, their public mobile SIM/phone could send/receive text from the correct number (ported from ROGERS). Their phone could make outgoing calls and the correct number would show up on the receiving ends call display; however, when we tried to call the number, we would receive a message saying "the customer you are trying to call, cannot be reached" or something along those lines.


Based on my experience, I suggested, we wait and if the problem persists message a moderator the next day (which would be yesterday, Tuesday).


Yesterday afternoon, the phone/SIM did start receiving calls as wanted/expected. At that point I had declared the port a success and told them, that everything should be fine and they should be good to go.


We confirmed the correct number is listed when signed into "My Account" on the website and as far as I can see everything seems fine.


If the phone is now working fine/as expected, does that mean the port was/is a success or is it possible that the phone/SIM works as expected but the port failed and the number will change in 30 days.


She was already out of minutes on her ROGERS prepaid account, so can't really test that to see if it is working or not and since texts are now being sent/received to her number using the public mobile SIM/phone i dont see how to test that. I just want to make sure everything is fine - so that she does not move on thinking everything is fine and then suddenly lose her number after 30 days.


--------------Question below---------------

Do you think it is necessary to have her message a MOD to verify the porting was a success? OR, is it safe to assume the port was a success if everything is working as expected?

Retraité / Retired

Re: Phone number changed itself

Hey @geogolem,


no worries, I'm here to answer your questions!


1) if the phone is working as expected, being able to receive/make calls/texts, then YES it definitely sounds like the port is completed. To confirm this, a text is sent to the newly ported number stating the completion of the transfer.

Also, when a port completes, the account with the old provider (Rogers in this case) is automatically deactivated. You can always call Rogers to validate if the account is closed with them.


2) it is not necessary to message a mod to verify if a port was successful, because if it was, all of the above would apply. Many times, customers don't realize that there is a port issue since they are able to make outgoing calls, although they aren't able to receive calls (and they don't usually notice this part). After 30 days of a failed port, the port is automatically cancelled and the number is changed. 


I hope this answers your questions 🙂





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