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Re: More amount charged


I had a look back at some online purchases I've made. Would you think the CRA would be interested in auditing and making sure that Amazon would have to follow all the rules? Durn tootin' they would. I see no sign of any GST number anywhere up to the last screen before saying go. The "receipt" in email afterwards??? mention.

Same thing here. Don't you think Telus and their army of lawyers wouldn't be making sure that they're complying with the CRA and the the CRA's army of lawyers wouldn't be all over Telus? At least here you can find a GST number in the payment screen. 

Mayor / Maire

Re: More amount charged

@naluukti wrote:



"You must let your customers know if the GST/HST is being applied to their purchases. You can use cash register receipts, invoices, contracts, or post signs at your place of business to inform your customers whether the GST/HST is included in the price, or added separately. You have to show the GST/HST rate that applies to the supply. Also, you have to either show the amount paid or payable for the supply separately from the amount of GST/HST payable on the supply or show that the total amount paid or payable for a supply includes the GST/HST."

@naluukti that appears to be geared toward brick and mortar purchases, since it's talking about signage at your place of business.  I would presume Telus has done their due diligence in terms of knowing what they are obligated to provide and not provide, but if you're concerned, I would suggest you make a complaint to CRA and ask them to investigate.

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Re: More amount charged

I see tight here on a currently featured plan, in the offer details.  Taxes are extra.Public Mobile is not hiding this.