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Re: Manage my accounts

@HALIMACS wrote:



Yeah I noticed that too after clicking on the link provided by the moderator post - that's kind of strange isn't it?


@Moderator_Team , does the link you provide in posts within the community threads just circle back to the Community website? Or is it intended to be a different link?

I suspect the that the wrong address was embedded into the link.  However, I would say that that in most circumstances, that really should be done through private message. 

Mayor / Maire

Re: Manage my accounts

I think the link does that so that only the intended user is able to proceed to the next page. I know in the past that link would bring you to a page to verify your account. 

Mayor / Maire

Re: Manage my accounts

I think you're correct  @gpixel4


If I'm not mistaken, I may have seen a link that looked somewhat similar in style in a private message from a moderator in the past and it did take me directly to a verification prompt.


Do you suppose the embedded link could be selective to JUST the user and that if anyone else clicks on it,  it just recycles back to the community web page?

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