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Re: Locked out of Account

Since there are still some instances when the password reset has not worked, perhaps it's best to use words along this line when helping customers (a proviso as z10user4 suggests):


"If you've tried the password reset function and it didn't work, then you'll need the assistance of the Moderator Team...(etc.)...."

Mayor / Maire

Re: Locked out of Account

This is all a ridiculous argument over semantics and the experienced functioning (or not) of this system.


NDesai: Yes. It works for you. It works for SD08. It works for me. But we know it doesn't work for everyone (not just stonechucker). Therefore, to be helpful to the unknowing customer perhaps it would be wise to provide the disclaimer/proviso.

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

Re: Locked out of Account

@z10user4 wrote:

Oooh look the gods are warring. Smiley Happy I hope we peasants don't get any collateral damage.


I don't often LOL, but I literally LOL...


Sorry for the tangent -- but for anyone where the "Forgot your password?" tool isn't working, would you have another e-mail account (preferrably with a different domain) that you could try changing your account to, and seeing if things start to work?  You can always change it back.  This would perhaps give some indication as to whether the system is failing on the email address, or the account itself.  Who knows, perhaps when you change back to your original e-mail address, it'll magically fix the system?


I would do the test myself, but the tool works on all my accounts...