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Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Re: How to reset the phone connection with Public Mobile?

@JeffreyLIving wrote:

My phone is not receiving calls, it is not a phone or software issue, it is a network issue.  I have dealt with plenty of network issues in the past, the network connection needs to be reset, plain and simple.  

Reading through this and other threads you've started, the issue appears to have gone on for more than thirty days. Thirty days!? That's an unusually long time for a problem to remain unresolved, even for Public Mobile.


You've vented your frustation, which seems justified and completely understandable. A number of people have commiserated. Granted, at times customer support can suck. Some have pointed out that this isn't supposed to be the Telus Experience; this is Public Mobile warts and all. An observation you've generally ignored. Quite a few posters have offered suggestions, and while you've acknowledged some, you have been kind of selective about what you're willing to try. That's fine, they're just suggestions. But again, thirty days (!?) and you're no farther ahead.


Since you've decided you know what's causing this,  and you don't want to visit an Apple store or try your SIM in a different phone, and you presumably have been in contact with the Mod Team and either they haven't responded -- in thirty days!? -- or they have and you've found them unhelpful, the situation begs a question. Why are you still here? After thirty days!? Have you really gone through an entire cycle and renewed? Or did you buy a 90-day plan? Not trying to be rude or a smartass, but your persisence is genuinely curious. This isn't something most people would put up with. It's just a phone furgodsakes.


Thing is, your experience is extraordinary and far removed from what most PM customers find. In fact, I'd bet that the majority rarely visit the community forum to complain. Day-to-day the coverage and service is pretty good. Sorry that hasn't been true for you, but maybe it's time to recognize that some relationships just aren't meant to be.