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Re: Generic Error - Plans and Addons


Generic error is a catch all at the end of error translation logic.  If the error is not the expected by the programmers, it just give us the useless error message.

Mayor / Maire

Re: Generic Error - Plans and Addons

@B12 it is what it is. pm can't fix it, Everytime they try, things get worse... there server is outdated and they are probably running on a 5mb connection or even slower 🤭. they would need to do a ground up overhaul, which is not going to happen. everyone will lose service if they tried. 


the best solution is to not leave things till the last minute. pm teaches people how to be responsible and manage their accounts by themselves. this is a good life skill to live by...


"if you fail to plan, you plan to fail"


my service is top notch! I have absolutely zero problems on my phone service (which is the most important)

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