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Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Cannot access my account, can you please help

Mayor / Maire

Re: Cannot access my account, can you please help


To contact Public Mobile click here. The link  sends you to the private message function and adds the moderator team as recipient for a private message. You just have to enter a title and text in the body of the message describing the problem and post. The message will be received by the moderator team and they will respond to it. You will receive the response in your private message inbox.

Moderators are available: M-F from 8 AM to midnight Eastern time and S-S from 8 AM to 10 PM Eastern time.

Note: Moderator Hours are subject to change, but you can always find the current times here

Please note that account verification may be required when contacting the Moderator Team 


Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Re: Cannot access my account, can you please help

If you are trying to get help from the community, it's better with more details. Or you can simply ask Moderator for help who can access your account information. 

You question is simply like "I have a problem, can anyone help me?" but no one could know what is your problem and how to help you.

You need provide at least at what step you encounter the problem, and what error message do you get (even no message is an information). Sometimes a screenshot is helpful to describe your trouble. These will also be useful to help moderator to help you more efficiently.


Re: Cannot access my account, can you please help

have you tried the password reset?  what are you trying to do? 

mods seem to be replying in 48 hours, last i heard


if applyng a voucher you can call 611 and apply the voucher there or if you have a credit card on file you can porocess payments from  611 if you know your pin.  pins are typically sent via sms when you joint pm if you dont remember the pin number you created.