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611 IVR Menu System


611 IVR Menu System

I thought I'd put this together. Searching 611 through 5 pages didn't get something like the voicemail graphics here nor detailed information. Which is kinda surprising but of course maybe I didn't search hard enough. :cathappy:

Vouchers can be purchased online from and (sold out as of this writing May 3)

Immediate top ups to your phone number are available at and


The IVR can also be reached by calling 1-855-4PUBLIC (782542) from another phone or with an active service - it will ask for your 10 digit phone number.

611, *611 and that toll free are mostly reachable from the US without add-ons. Manually connecting to either roaming partner may be needed.


* usually returns to main menu (not always). # usually repeats (not always)

A big gotcha at the bottom to look out for.


PM 611 IVR.png




Active service:

Upon entering you'll get the following recording.

Payment due date (time if autopay)
It goes on with your Available Funds balance

For the chart:

Choosing Voucher will ask you to enter the voucher.

If you have enough funds in your Available Funds then it will say 1 for manual choices after selecting credit card.

Choosing Amount Due will then take the amount that you need to pay to renew.


Gives a recording of your balance which is just the same as up top.


The following options will need your 4 digit PIN.


For buying add-ons, after selecting, press 1 to conclude.

* The new 500 minute Canada-wide LD is not yet implemented here.


Gives a recording of your different usages in any add-ons
Then invites you to press 1 to go buy add-ons which goes to the add-on section


It will say Change if already setup
It goes ahead and sets it without confirmation. If already set then it turns it off. So it's like a toggle.

Removing offers no confirmation


Suspended service:

Tells you the service is suspended and goes straight to Make Payments.


It then invites you to go back to the main menu. Press * to do so.