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Great Neighbour / Super Voisin


Hi, I just referred a friend, Elizabeth # xxxx, and I'm not sure if I got rewarded.

Harold # xxxx







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Mayor / Maire

Re: Rewards

@harley_57Typically you would have had to use the referral code to get the bonus during sign up.. Some people had suggested to ask the moderators and see if they are in a good mood to add it for you after the fact, just note they are not obligated to.


PS do remove your personal information as this is a public forum where everyone can see your information that you had posted.

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

Re: Rewards


She should use your code during the sign up

You will receive an sms about the referral

If something went wrong you should contact mods about it.

Edit. Please remove your personal information

Mayor / Maire

Re: Rewards


Login to your self-serve account.

If this is your first referral, do you see the following line on the overview page after login?

Refer-a-Friend Reward ($1)


If you don't see this line, your first referral did not setup correctly. Give you refer-a-friend cose to Elizabeth  and ask her to send a private message to moderator to set it up manually.

If you see this line, is the $ amount go up by $1 since you last checked?

If yes, your referral was applied to your account.

If no, ask your friend to send a private message to moderator as above.