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Mayor / Maire

Re: Rewards missing after the upgrade



@hv397 wrote:

i might have been confused with payment due date and renewal date. coz of that i might have selected wrong option. 

My sincere apologies for the confusion. Thanks for the help.


but when try using next renewal date during the upgrade process, it was showing next month's date. so i selected for this month. Either way i am at $9 loss here.


@hv397You are not at any loss. Just $3 is deferred for 30 days. Next 30 time you will get another $3 so you will have $6 for your next 30 day plan, and then $3 for each 30 days after.


You get $3 for every 30 day plan or $9 for a 90 day plan. Same thing.


In the time you would normally have 1 renewal (90 days) you will have 3 renewals at 30 days. The only loss you will have is temporary loss of the $3 from the last renewal date which will be applied at your next renewal if you don't touch the account. Let the system do its job somewhere between "plan expired" and "plan renewal" usually at 2am the system will convert the rewards into balance and the plan renewal will come out of that balance shortly after. Unless you click "change now"



Re: Rewards missing after the upgrade

@hv397, we had a discussion about this some time ago.  I can't quickly recall which thread it was.  When there is a plan change from 90 days to 30 days, there is a loss of rewards by a factor of 3.  As a 90 day customer, we are accustomed to thinking that since the last renewal, we have had 90 days of time with which to accumulate rewards and come renewal time, we will get all of it.  The interpretation taken by Public Mobile is that since the new plan is only 30 days long, you can only be rewarded 30 days worth of rewards regardless of what has happened in the past 90 days.  So this is why you are seeing a reward reduction.


On the separate topic of early renewal, that causes other effects on the reward system.  I believe the reward system is programmed to convert eligible rewards into account funds on the normal renewal day.  This conversion takes place immediately prior to account renewal so that the funds are available to offset the cost of renewal.  The funds taken from the credit card via auto pay is reduced by eligible rewards.  On an early renewal, reward conversion into account funds does not take place and so full payment is required. 


BTW, this is one of the reasons why I will likely never switch out of the 90 day plan to a 30 day plan.  Something has to give before I would contemplate such a move. 

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

How to use Rewards Balance????

Hey Buddy , i have Rewards Balance $9 and tommorrow i have last day for my account, now i m trying to use the rewards but it not showimg me in the payments option i have 90 days plan so pls advise me how can i use the rewards balance to pay my 90 days payments for next renuval including the $ 9 balance......