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Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Rewards System

Hello everyone, 


Any advice on how i can best take advantage of thr rewards system to get my bill down to zero. Currently on the 25 dollar plan. Also any tips on getting more referrals? 



Mayor / Maire

Re: Rewards System

You can lower your bill with referrals.  Send your referral code located in your account to family and friends.  Also you can participate in the forum to qualify for a community award and earn up to $15 every 30 days.  Read up on past solutions and topics.  It is more rewarding to help others and the award is a bonus.


Mayor / Maire

Re: Rewards System

Share your code any time you have opportunity, use a social media, your signature, look for good promotions to help your family get better deal you both win. I've seen codes on bus stops and lobbies

Come here often and get involved it's not hard to get 1 or 2 bucks, but to get 5+ it's probably way too much time you need to put. You can try it and see if it's worth for you, it's also very satisfying to help somebody so it offers all different value way beyond usual $2. And another benefit is that you are more likely to be able to help your family member and have a clue how to proceed the first time you have an issue. It may be very overwhelming if you hit a serious problem out of the blue when you never dealt with this kind of support model and there is nobody to phone for help

Mayor / Maire

Re: Rewards System

1 - add auto-pay to your account. $2 off per 30 days.


Click payment then manage auto-pay



2- Stay with PM to earn a loyalty reward after a year. $1 off per year max 5 years 


3- Read community forum posts and see how they are answered. Learn more about PM and learn the self serve account. Once you're comfortable enough start answering people's questions. You can earn up $15 per 30 days. The $20 is reserved for Oracle's.


4 - Use your referral code and get your friends and family to switch over to PM. You will earn $1 off per 30 days per referral. Post your referral code on sites that allow you to do it. Facebook , Kijiji etc. Due take note  - It is against the terms and conditions of the Public Mobile forums to post referral codes or send unsolicited messages to new signups. If a person writes on a thread asking for a referral or if a person sends you a private message then your can write back to them via private message with your code.


Happy savings 😊




Re: Rewards System

@_PAP , earning referrals takes effort and time.  I would suggest that you learn the ropes with this service, understand the strengths and weaknesses of the product and then shill it to family and friends who might find the service to be a good fit.  The most important concern with this service is the lack of physical stores and call center.  In return, is the prospect of savings particularly by way of rewards.  These product features are not for everyone.  So choose your referrals wisely so that they will stay and provide enduring rewards, not just a flash in the pan.  Good luck.   

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Re: Rewards System

Well as PM likes to say,


“Who doesn't like savings? At Public Mobile, we don't stop at affordable phone plans. We give you multiple ways to save even more!

  • Loyalty Reward: $1/30 days for each year you’re with us, up to $5/30 days.

  • AutoPay Reward: $2/30 days.

  • Refer a Friend: $1/30 days for each friend you refer – plus, your friend receives a one-time credit of $10.

  • Community Reward: up to $20/30 days.”

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

Re: Rewards System

@_PAP  Here's a discussion on the topic. Pick the opportunities that appeal to you.

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