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How do they put a dollar amount to your participation

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Re: Reward


The Community Reward How Does It Work?

Based on your level of involvement with our Community, you can earn up to $20 every 30 days. The amount you are rewarded depends on your contribution level relative to overall contribution, which can change month to month even if you contribute very consistently. You can only ever qualify for one (1) Community Reward in a 30-day period, and you must act in accordance with Community Terms of Service at all times.The following table shows how Community Rewards are allocated:




Basically learn about public mobile and your self serve account then when you're comfortable start participating in these community forums answering people's questions. At the end of the month PM runs there secret formula and based on participation you may receive a reward.


There forumula to decide who gets what is unknown. $20 is only for Oracle's and that's invite only.


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Re: Reward

@Charlesrose123, nobody knows for sure, because, one can get rewards for bravoes, and accepted solutions!


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Re: Reward

@Charlesrose123 wrote:

How do they put a dollar amount to your participation

Only PM knows the exact formula for the community rewards, but it is probably a combination of rewards and solutions earned and amount of time spent in the community forum.


Have a look at this link



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Re: Reward

@Charlesrose123 Participate on this website. Ask and answer questions, help others, add value, and give advice. Everything will benefit for your contribution and possible reward.

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Re: Reward


They have tiers 50% -1$, 25% - 2$, 10% - 5$, 5% - 10$, 1% - 15$


The best "general" way to figure this out is to look to other members and see what they have been given and check their participation. Hover over their name and their most recent badge will be displayed. 10% badge for example. Check how many posts they have done, how many bravos, how many accepted solutions. There is no hard and fast rule on how to. Just participate and you will be rewarded 🙂 

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