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Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Referral and account inactivity

One of my referalls had their CC stolen, and forgot to update their account info with their new CC, so they missed their auto-pay. They have since updated their account with the new CC info. Will the referral credits continue for me, or are they now gone?

Mayor / Maire

Re: Referral and account inactivity

I think it should come back.  If not, ask the moderator team to restore it.


Re: Referral and account inactivity

Hey @axyprang,


Thank you for reaching out to us on our community!


Good question! Once your friend's account is suspended, the reward will disappear from yours. As soon as their services are restored, so will be the reward! Smiley Happy






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Mayor / Maire

Re: Referral and account inactivity

I had a friend forget to renew previously, then popped up 2 weeks later Smiley Happy  Working as designed (thankfully).



Re: Referral and account inactivity

@stonechucker If something does not work as intended, is the design or execution faulty? Robot LOL In either case it doesn't work (as intended)!

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