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Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

Re: Refer friends easy way

Tell your relatives & friends or make some new friends and tell them how much money your saving versus the other providers. Give them your referal code and hope they take your advice to move on to PM.


Re: Refer friends easy way


You have lot of idea on how to get your referral by now.


But if your referrals do not stay with PM on your renewal date, you still get $0 reward.

I provide hand-holding support to my referrals before and after their activation.


Before activation, I told them moderator response time is up to 2 days.  Occasionally, it may be longer than 2 days.  Therefore, if they have account issue, they may not have phone service for 2 days.  After knowing this and join PM, I know they will stay with PM.


Ongoing support, I told them to let me know ASAP if they have any issue.  If they trust me, I will monitor their accounts.  I am monitoring 8 PM accounts.  3 of these accounts were renewed this morning.  I checked on these 3 account this morning and all renewed fine.


Have a better and better day!

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

Re: Refer friends easy way



I swear you and @darlicious and a couple others are following my every post hahahahaha.


Yeah that would be good info to know. Having a friend to help you with the process would make it easier and for people to be more willing to switch.


Dang monitoring 8 PM accounts? I don’t even have that many friends. Not even that many family members. I already helped my mom switch over and she’s been on PM for as long as I have.


But thanks again for another response on another one of my posts. Very insightful.


Have a even better day



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