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Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Re: Loyalty Pays

I feel that even with the switching years ago to a plan and purchasing a phone through Public Mobile under Telus was a sham.  We also had to pay the extra in order to have the Customer Service in the plan.  Along with that when we needed to use customer service a voice message came up that a charge of $5 could be added to your account for each use.

So, in reality we get stuck on the same plan which doesn't reward us anything.  I have the US messaging and that is not included in any of the new plans.  I will stick out with PM only for the fact that I have not had issues with the service that has been provided.  I just wish that out of anything that a value could be retroactive if there's options for it to collect rewards now.  I have been a customer since 2013.  Almost 6 years in February. 


Re: Loyalty Pays

@Snaggles all texting is now worldwide you can text Canadian, usa, and international numbers from within Canada.


If you proactivy switch to a current plan before march 17th you will be given $5 loyalty rewards as you have been with pm for a over 6 years. If you do not go anything you will just get i believe 3$ in loyalty rewards


Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Re: Loyalty Pays

You will recieve then monthly as money off your bill

 Auto pay =$2 dollars of your monthly bill

 loyalty=     $1 Dollar off your bill monthly depending how long you have been a customer. 1$ first year $2 second year etc up to a maximum of $5 off your monthly bill in your 5th year. I hope this helps answer your question, Have a nice day.