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Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Did not get referral credit

My new phone #xxx-xxx-xxxx was registered using my friends referral. Her number yyy-yyy-yyyyy was used. I haven’t received the referral bonus. Neither did she receive it. 

Can you please give both of us the credit?



Edit: phone numbers redacted by will13am.  Please do not post personal information on the public forum.

Mayor / Maire

Re: Did not get referral credit

@msmuzumdarYou will need to contact the moderators via this link to get your referral figured out. Have either one of you got a text from Public Mobile? Be expect to hear back from them up to 48 hours. No one on this message boards other than the moderators have access to the accounting system behind the scenes.

Mayor / Maire

Re: Did not get referral credit


Please edit your post to remove you phone numbers if you don't want any spam calls because anyone can access your post.


When did you activate your plan?

You will get the $10 credit within 72 hours after activation.  Usually next morning.




Re: Did not get referral credit

When did you sign up? Did you use her phone number or the unique referal ID? You must use the referal ID as of July 24.


You will need to send that ID to mod team, referal adjustments done via mods will only get the 1$off /per month the bonus 10 will not be awarded.