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Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

$25 refer a friend promo

Neither I nor my friend received a $25 credit for referring him, and I did it 3 days ago. Can someone help?


Re: $25 refer a friend promo

@Chewbacca, both parties should have received the reward by now.  I suggest that you contact the moderator team and have them follow up.  The moderator team can be reached via private message using this link.  Please include in the private message account number and PIN code along with a detailed description of the issue and the required resolution. This will speed up problem resolution significantly. Refer to the following knowledge base link for additional information on contacting the moderator team.


BTW, just to be sure that you met the conditions of this promo, was the activation done online?  If not, then it does not qualify for the $25 referral promo.  The referred party will get the usual $10 and the referring party will get $1/30 days. 

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

Re: $25 refer a friend promo

Did you activate in store or online?  Only online activation is valid for the $25 promo.

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Mayor / Maire

Re: $25 refer a friend promo


Did your friend sign up in store or at home, online.  If he signed up in store, he will not qualify for the $25 friend referral.  Just the regular $10 friend referral.  You will just get the $1 per month referral credit.  


If your friend signed up at home, if it has been 72 hours since he signed up, he can contact moderator to get the credit.  You should then also get the credit.


Send a private message to moderator through the following link :

Please include in the private message your phone number, your account number and PIN code.