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Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Walmart in Barrhaven / Ottawa / Ontario / Canada

I was in Walmart in Barrhaven in Ottawa  a couple days ago and they went online and helped get me registered for two phones and gave me a 40$ voucher for each number I transfered over from Videotron...   Great service, and basically a month free too boot...   Really impressed with the service and help I got there!

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

Re: Walmart in Barrhaven / Ottawa / Ontario / Canada

Welcome to Public Mobile. I'm glad you had a positive experience! I have to say it was weird when I got my first SIM, the second one (for my parents went so much better they just took the money and gave the SIM). For some reason, the clerk insisted on photocopying everything. The SIM, the receipt, the credit card that I was paying for the SIM with. Nothing bad came of it but it bugged me that they wanted a front and back copy of my credit card. I didn't get any promos when I signed up, I missed one by a day (it happened the next day if I recall correctly.)

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

Re: Walmart in Barrhaven / Ottawa / Ontario / Canada

@costanza, welcome to PM.  Sounds like you got a nice deal.  Thanks for posting your positive experience at the Walmart you visited, most of the time we only hear about the bad ones, it's refreshing to hear about some of the good experiences once and awhile.