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Re: Walmart Sim Card Purchase

<Start of rant>


i dispise Walmart.  I have openly said this before, as I am a strong labour supporter, labour rights activist, and a union member.  I despise Walmart as they actively fight, promot, and train against the things I fight and defend.


<end rant>


OK, now with my pleasant portion.


First, Walmart is a good spot to sell the SIMs, because there are a large number of the in Canada.


Second the good experiences some folks have had sound awesome.  Good on Walmart.


Third, I would prefer the suggested Loblaws connection, or even Metro, or Sobey’s chain of stores, as those Canadian companies, have various locations that employe unionized workers, which I promote and try to shop at as much as possible.


i personally, will continue online purchase of SIM card as it is sent via the unionized Canada Post.  However, I will use WoW Wireless before I got Walmart in an emergency, and then Walmart if that fails.


thanks for reading this.  Cheers.


EDITED to correct typos.

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Re: Walmart Sim Card Purchase

I bought a new Moto E4 plus (has dual sim card capabilities) and I had to get a new sim card because my new phone needs a nano SIM card.  (The last time I had to purchase one I ordered it from Public mobile and waited for my mail)

How long has Walmart been selling public mobile sim cards anyway?

Anyway I signed into my account and activated my new sim, at first it seemed like everything was ok, but my phone still shows me that neither Sim card slot has a card..can I try to activate it again? 

Do I have to have 2 sim cards because the phone can has 2 slots? 


Thanks, I'm getting very frustrated.


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Mayor / Maire

Re: Walmart Sim Card Purchase

@anniemh2220 if you switched SIM cards in your self-serve account, then only the new SIM card is active.  If your phone is dual sim, try putting your new PM SIM in slot 1, and leave slot 2 empty for now.  Does that make any difference?  

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Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Re: Walmart Sim Card Purchase

I am a new Public Mobile customer... activated today... because last night Walmart had no one at the electronics desk... and no one there knew anything about Public Mobile.

I can understand keeping SIM cards locked up, but it was rather early in the evening to have absolutely no customer service. 

I recommend skipping Walmart and look for an open mall kiosk or just order one on-line.

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Re: Walmart Sim Card Purchase

@srlawren I'm really sorry that it took me so long to get back to you. 

The sim card I was talking about wouldn't work at all. I was getting very frustrated .. anyway to make a long story short I decided to purchase another sim card from Walmart and that one worked...

I guess the other one was a "dud" ?

Anyway I still haven't returned it, but I am definitely going to.

Smiley Happy

Mayor / Maire

Re: Walmart Sim Card Purchase

I picked up a SIM from local Walmart


Experiance was pretty straightforward but no love for Public that's for sure

They had 2 different displays setup at different locations, and each display had a different set of cards listing different plans / prices so they basically just threw cards on wall and left em there



Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

Re: Walmart Sim Card Purchase

I was at Wal-mart to purchase two Public Movie sim cards for my parents as they want to switch to Public Mobile. The sim cards were not out on display, only cards advertising the unlimited $20 plan. When I asked one of the associates there, he told me they don't sell sim cards for that carrier. I ended up telling him on Public Mobile's website, it indicated that I can purchase their sim cards from Wal-mart.  He asked another associate and she ended up giving me 2 sim cards, which was locked up in their drawer. 



Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Re: Walmart Sim Card Purchase

I had a pretty similar experience. The sales associate in the electronics section at Wal-mart told me they didn't carry public mobile sim cards, so I left thinking maybe it was just that store that didn't carry them. When I checked online and saw that they did carry them, I went back and asked again, then waited 45 minutes for him to struggle with a rogers activation, before he sold me the sim card and warned me against using public mobile (he seemed ot be confused with what public mobile was).


Overall a not-so-great experience, had I not read so many great things on redflagdeals I might have changed my mind on choosing public mobile.

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Re: Walmart Sim Card Purchase

Cant blame them for pushing their product. Meh 

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Re: Walmart Sim Card Purchase

Walmart employees might not receive direct commissions, but instead get rewarded (by their employer) in other ways.  Or they might receive individual/team commissions, especially if their performance is measured by the end-of-day cashout or department sales summaries.  I don't know.


But I suspect it's more like cashiers at supermarkets who ask if you'd like to donate $2 to the foodbank or whatever.  They obviously don't receive commissions for these "sales" but they are sometimes motivated/rewarded with recognition or prizes offered by their employer if they can reach certain thresholds or outperform their peers.