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Mayor / Maire

Re: Walmart Sim Card Purchase

<Start of rant>


i dispise Walmart.  I have openly said this before, as I am a strong labour supporter, labour rights activist, and a union member.  I despise Walmart as they actively fight, promot, and train against the things I fight and defend.


<end rant>


OK, now with my pleasant portion.


First, Walmart is a good spot to sell the SIMs, because there are a large number of the in Canada.


Second the good experiences some folks have had sound awesome.  Good on Walmart.


Third, I would prefer the suggested Loblaws connection, or even Metro, or Sobey’s chain of stores, as those Canadian companies, have various locations that employe unionized workers, which I promote and try to shop at as much as possible.


i personally, will continue online purchase of SIM card as it is sent via the unionized Canada Post.  However, I will use WoW Wireless before I got Walmart in an emergency, and then Walmart if that fails.


thanks for reading this.  Cheers.


EDITED to correct typos.