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Re: Walmart Brossard refused to sell me sim

@kav2001c wrote:


That one is obvious answer too  Cat Wink


As much as I love Public, the fact is Public NEEDS Walmart far more than Walmart needs Public


Even with some of the chintzy beaten up dusty displays I have seen, I would be willing to bet over any period of time the store sells more SIM cards than even someone like myself can refer (and even when I refer, some of those refers also go in store instead of order online)


Walmart brings volume of customers into the brand, and then Koodo works on upselling them

And the vast majority of customers are more than happy to let store activate for them since many of them would be nervous to do self activation (I personally have done at least 25+ SIM cards for others who were uncomfortable with online activations)



@will13am wrote:

This issue has been talked about enough in the forums and the decision makers are aware.  There must be something that makes it not so easy for Public Mobile to read the riot act to these bad actors. 


In all likelihood, this is the answer.  Having said that, it is the beginning of the end of the so called online model.  As customers migrate to using physical stores to purchase their service, the online part of the service becomes less and less relevant.  We are already seeing it in the form of ever increasing response times from the moderator team. 

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Re: Walmart Brossard refused to sell me sim



On 10-Dec-2018 I went to purchase SIM card at Walmart located at Cedarbrae Mall Toronto (3495 Lawrence Ave E, Scarborough, ON M1H 1B2). Time was around 2:50PM (in-case one needs to track the employee at Walmart's booth).

She refused to sell me SIM card without activation. She said her manager instructed her so. She showed me a hand-writted chit taped to one of drawers with instructions. I told her that I purchased a SIM-only just a week ago from there (different rep was serving at that time). She still refused.

Just sharing my experience so that if it's against PM's policy then it should be communicated to that Wamart. (I also sent an email to Walmart as it costed me unnecessary trip to Walmart).