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Re: WOW Mobile Kingston, Ontario

@jp2 wrote:

Are your parents good with technology or do you guys manage their accounts for them? I'm worried about setting my parents up with PM because they have a hard time even turning data on and off 

The beauty of this service is that it is prepaid.  You can't get yourself into trouble no matter how clumsy you are with tech.  If the service is not paid for in advance, it won't be available for use.  If you did get your parents a plan with data, just leave the data on.  They can simply manage data by way of the apps they use.  Just tell them to be light on watching videos on the wireless data.  Over time, they can get used to how fast data is consumed based on their usage pattern.  That is about it. 


For all those who are running an android device, use the data witness PM app to monitor usage.  The app is a free download from the play store.  It is very accurate.

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Re: WOW Mobile Kingston, Ontario

I do love that you can't get yourself into trouble. 


My mom asked "So, how much can I do on the internet with 500 MegaDoodles?", followed by "What happens when I run out?".


When I told her she just had to wait until her renewal date and could then start again she was relieved about not having to worry about going over.