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Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Re: Hassle-free experience at Walmart (Mississauga-Dixie)

Oh wow, this is useful to know! Thank you for sharing that bit of info. 


Guess it is too much to ask: but calls are not auto-forwarded to the new number, no? Smiley Very Happy 

Mayor / Maire

Re: Hassle-free experience at Walmart (Mississauga-Dixie)

No London Drugs doesn't offer free SIM by default, I went in last week.


@z10user4 wrote:

@RossN wrote:

I wasn't aware that you would get a free sim at signup with walmart ,is this policy Canada wide?

It's available in the Kamloops BC store for an in-store activation.

Know that this is a Walmart thing...not Public Mobile. Vendors can do what they want. I think London Drugs might also have some in-store deals. But when it comes time for a Public Mobile promo that is online, then you won't want to use the store. And Walmart are more interested in selling you the activation than informing you of the online promo.