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Mayor / Maire

Free SIM card in store/Small retailer

This is more of a discovery than a question...when searched for where to buy a pm SIM card in Vancouver of course London drugs and Wal-Mart pops up but so did a little guy "go mobile repair" on Broadway near cambie. Whether I either briefly looked at the website or just saw the London drugs promo in the community I wish I had fully explored their website. Not only do they offer a free SIM card with an activation they will refer you to get the $10 discount if you don't have a referral.  As I didn't for my activation. I love to support a small business owner and they have great repair and resale business.

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

Re: Free SIM card in store/Small retailer

Nice find! Also for future reference there are a ton of websites, blogs and subreddit post that also offer Public Mobile refferal codes 😜