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Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Bad Experience at Wow! vs. Walmart (Dufferin Mall, Toronto)

Signed up for Public today. I was seeking the $45 5.5gb plan, with free sim and month off deal this weekend. 


I had very different experiences at the Wow! and Walmart at Dufferin Mall in Toronto.


Wow! would not honour Public's deal. The employee and site manager both claimed I could choose either one promo or the other. Not in combination, despite the fine print clearly permitting it. 


After a couple minutes of heated discussion, I headed to Walmart. Walmart immediately recognized the deal, and punched through my resigration within minutes.  


If I had trusted Wow! (as they claim other people had), I would have been on the hook for an additional $55 this month. Whether or not this was a back-end or front-end error, it was unprofessional.


Public, please get in touch with Wow! immediately, so other customers aren't bilked out of their money.


Re: Bad Experience at Wow! vs. Walmart (Dufferin Mall, Toronto)

Welcome to Public Mobile.  Sorry to hear about your experience.  Hopefully by sharing your experience, Public Mobile can communicate to their vendors about the details of these promotions.  

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

Re: Bad Experience at Wow! vs. Walmart (Dufferin Mall, Toronto)

@Marshdot thanks for sharing your experience.  Technically there shouldn't be any difference regardless which retail location you go to, they should all be able to sign up a customer with the current online promos published on the PM website.  Thanks for sharing because it's important that PM hear's about these poor experiences so they can get in touch with the retailer and provide the necessary training and information.  


@Moderator_Team  Hi Moderators, please see this customer's experience at the Wow! location in Dufferin Mall, Toronto, Ontario.  Recommend getting in touch with this retailer/vendor so they have the proper training on the PM promos.

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Re: Bad Experience at Wow! vs. Walmart (Dufferin Mall, Toronto)

Thanks for sharing. 🙂


Re: Bad Experience at Wow! vs. Walmart (Dufferin Mall, Toronto)

Happy Monday @Marshdot, thank you for bringing this bad experience to our attention. For further investigation, would you be able to provide us with the following information in a private message: full address of the store as well as the names of the employee and the site manager in a private message, and your phone number?  


Thank you!


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