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US Roaming data bucket that doesn't expire

US Roaming data bucket that doesn't expire

How about a US data roaming addon for a fixed amount of data that doesn't expire?  It could be more expensive than the 1GB/10 days price.  I'd suggest the $30 1GB addon be usable for both Canada and US. Or it coudl even be separate buckets. I would just prefer an option where I don't have to remember to sign up for before I leave.




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@fisher that doesn't address @Jonavin's request, which is different than what is currently being offered.

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@fisher My posts is already acknowledging the new 1GB 10 day US roaming option. My proposal includes that it can cost more than this option for no expiration.

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

I'd suggest the $30 1GB addon be usable for both Canada and US.


I totally support this idea!!! 

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Personally, I don't think this a feature or add-on that most people will need. If you need US data then it's best to buy a US SIM card, say, from T-Mobile at Walmart which gives you 5GB of data that's good for a month and includes some talk minutes for $40 which includes SIM. If you work in the USA then again, you would want to purchase a US SIM card. For the occasional short trip, perhaps Roam Mobility might be a better option.

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If Data usage is constrained to 100 MB per day, an Non Expiration thing maybe kinda hard

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