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Thoughts After <24 Hours with PM :)

Thoughts After <24 Hours with PM :)

I just activated my iPhone 6 on PM last night after switching from Wind. The process was really easy and porting my number very quick. It's SUCH A RELIEF to have LTE again. Anyways, I already have a list of ideas for the Public Lab.


1. Better iPhone Integration

When first connecting to PM, my iPhone was only regonizing the 3G network. This was easily fixed after changing the APN settings (link), but I feel like the customer shouldn't have to do that. Also, again not a big issue, but proper iMessage with phone number (not email) would be nice to have too. Almost all of my other iPhone contacts get confused by the email address.


2. Different Kinds of Rewards

So far all the current rewards seem to be a certain $ amount off the final bill. Since PM is all about chice, it would be cool to have different reward options. Let's use the Auto-Pay reward as an example. Instead of 2$ off each bill, what if you could choose 200MB of extra data instead? Or maybe someone who doesn't have texting in their plan could choose a reward of 200 texts.


2.5. Different Ways to Earn Rewards 

What if PM had some sort of Achievement System where you could earn rewards (or points to redeem rewards) by doing certain things. For example, when you reach 1000 minutes of total talk time on the network you get 10 points or something. And maybe if one day PM offers talk and text to other countries, you could get rewards for say, calling an American number for the first time or texting 10 different German numbers. 


3. Talk & Text Outside Canada

PM should have an add-on for Talk and Text outside Canada.  I Checked and they have an  international calling add-on for 8$ or 15$! Good Job PM, Thanks for partionaly listening to me! xD


4. Zero Rating Music Streaming

I don't know about the legal implications, but T-Mobile in the US doesn't count music streaming towards your data cap, and I think this would be a major selling point for PM. It wouldn't have to be included in the plan (although that would be very nice :D), maybe it could just be a 5$ add-on or something, but I think it would really cool to have since the lowest data plan on PM is only 1GB. 


5. More Data Options

PM only Offers 1GB and 4GB data options and there's a pretty large price gap in between them. I think Public should consider letting users input an exact amount of MB's or GB's and calculating the exact price from there. Or even just a few more standard data options like 750MB, 1,3,5 etc... Because 1GB is too little and 4GB is too much (Although it is a VERY good deal). 


I thinik that's it! By the way, I havent really looked through the community yet so these suggestions may have already been suggested. 



Bradley 🙂



Hello Bradley,


Welcome to Public Mobile!


As a customer and volunteer responder, I want to very much thank you for the obvious time and thought expended in composing your post. I found it very informative, and thought provoking. It is possible that Public Mobile, in due course, may implement all or some of your ideas. I do know that some have been suggested by others. The more support that there is for a sensible suggestion, the greater that PM takes it seriously. Whether the suggestion is implemented or not is another story. To date, only one suggestion has been put into practice, and that was the creation of tri-punch SIM cards, as suggested by chuk. He is also a customer and volunteer responder. The preceding notwithstanding, PM, as a for-profit company, obviously wishes to continue as such. As a result, please continue to post your ideas. If an idea appears, after considerable research, to augment the bottom line, common sense dictates that it will be implemented.



Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

hello bradley 

as martin said good read but as you can see we are in beta and most of those ideas have already been submitted  🙂

Retraité / Retired



Thank you for your honest opinion, it's much appreciated!!

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Amazing first post. 


Love the suggestions. All make sense.


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