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Student Discount offer

Student Discount offer

Can PM consider giving some sort of joining discount to students studying in colleges/universities ?


The target customers of PM would definitely match with students who are tech-savvy, active on social media and can refer other students from their class. I think PM can add a lot of customers without any advertising since the students would be the brand ambassadors themselves. And with referral discounts, I can't imagine how active the students will get to promote PM in their class/campus.


PM could offer some initial discount when a student with valid credentials joins PM. It need not be a monthly discount to avoid any chances of students claiming discount even after they have completed the course.


PM could use the student's university email id to confirm the validity. Once the validity is confirmed they can offer the said discount to them.


With PM's excellent value proposition in terms of service and plans, a joining discount for students could very well be a masterstroke.




Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

I agree because I'm a student.Smiley Happy

Mayor / Maire

Me as well. Has sound substance and valid

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

I doubt this would happen. Their rates are already better than any other typical student plan out there. 


If you want a cheaper plan, get less service options.

Mayor / Maire

Perhaps, but savings for students can also help and perhaps bring in more clientele for PM in long run

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

yes,,word of mouth in the campus will bring it more subscribers for PM with almost no advertising.


and considering how other operators offer sub-par service in the name of student plans, it would be really nice to see these students opting for PM and using its amazing services.

Mayor / Maire

Word of mouth advertising is priceless. That being said, if a student wants to save more money, they just need to refer their friends. If they refer enough, their monthly payment would be $0 and PM would have gained 30 new customers.


With @neo911's idea, it would be a good marketing campaign to focus on the college and university clientele. Instead of a standing credit, maybe only a sign-up credit is offered during the first month of school. If a temporary PM booth is available with a student who is the PM rep, it could definitely work to get "people in the door". They simply show their student ID card to the PM student rep and they will receive their credit instantly (say $15). How this rep is paid, is through referrals. Might be enough incentive there!