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Refer a Family Member

Refer a Family Member

Extend the refer a friend program to consider special pricing, discounts and/or rewards for family members of existing customers to try to draw and bring in family members. The pricing of plans should be low enough to make the move hard to resist.

Mayor / Maire

I really see no difference in this from a regular friend reward.  Family and friends are treated mostly in the same manor across the rewards systems.  Ford, for example, has the friends and family pricing for as stated, friends and family....  they just open it up once a year (somewhat recently) to let everyone else try it out.


when it's family, I suppose you could 'set aside' your referral credit for your family member, and after a year, buy them a prepurchased voucher for Public Mobile :-)

This kind of reward won't work. Because accounts are individual, it's hard to link. If they allow multiple plans within an account then they could consider discounts on additional plans.
Mayor / Maire

Better solution is some sort of family plans

1 account with more than 1 phone

Maybe even allow data pooling


Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

@kav2001c- Sounds like you want PM to be...every other carrier Smiley Wink

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

Well if they consider special pricing rates or promos plans for existing customers' family members (&/or friends) and that they send these offers directly to existing accounts to draw in family members of existing customers, it will not be the exact same as the refer a friend rewards program.


Since they made new plans more expensive this could make it easier to bring in new customers to PM and get the refer a friend rewards.

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

Not the greatest idea but if PM wanted to be more like every other carrier Telus could release a Credit Card and have the rewards apply to Telus, Koodo or Public Mobile.

Mayor / Maire

I think PM should have done that

Mayor / Maire

@rob79 but from a serious standpoint it is just plain silly we can only have 1 phone number per account

Even Koodo and Telus both allow account linking so I am sure code is already written


The issue becomes once Public recognizes group accounts what do they offer?

Freedom gives monthly discounts (bad idea since most plans are already dirt cheap)

So that leaves data pooling as only real option I can see


The only alternative I had was something like give them a promo long distance bundle (maybe a free 100 minute Canada booster once per calendar year)

What else can they do?


Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

@kav2001c- Yes, Koodo and Telus do allow "family plans", data sharing, multi-line accounts, etc, on their post-paid plans. No carrier offers these same features on pre-paid plans.


This whole discussion, and many others like it on these forums, boils down to one thing: people want post-paid features on prepaid plans.

Mayor / Maire

@rob79 Public is rather unique in that they do offer many postpaid features on our prepaid accounts


Even to this day things like enhanced voicemail and call forwarding are on no other carriers in Canada (not even Koodo)