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Retired Oracle / Oracle Retraité
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Dear Public Mobile community team,


In continuing with the general theme of frustration felt on the community the past couple of weeks, I'd like to put forth this suggestion, which you are probably already aware of and are hopefully already working on.  Once again this is in no way a slight against our awesome community mods Shazia, Mary, Saray, and Caroline--I know they are working tirelessly to help everybody!


That said, there really needs to be a better way for the community mods to:

- receive issues

- assign an issue or case number

- respond to the person with issue or case number (automated)

- allow the person to check their issue status using their case number themselves

- determine and assign a priority and sequencing to the issues

- communicate resolution (preferably in automated way).


In short, your team needs an issue tracking/management tool.  There are many commercially available, both on-premise packages, or cloud-based services you could subscribe to.  It sounds like the email team already use such a system, you could consider that.  Or another system.  I'm not fussy, but the current community activity suggests that either none or a sub-optimal system is in place currently.  Again, not at all a slight to our moderators, whom I think are awesome! 


Please strongly consider putting this in place before running another promo plan like the current one.  


Thank you for your consideration!

Mayor / Maire

I completely agree with the original poster of this thread.  THe mods are terrific, and I am sure doing their absolute best to keep up, but as a community member reading the frustrations of users, the same frustrations over and over, it's not good.


Public Mobile is a great service, and if everything was working smoothly, everyone would love it even more.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Good point. This will definately re-assure frustrated clients.


I've sent private messages to moderators (still unread) and email through Contact Us link but I've no way of knowing if anyone will address my issue (Port-in stuck) unless I scream and shout.

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire



yes, i also suggested that already and to be honest feel kind of sorry for the ladies who help solving our issues as they probably get lots of upset people messages...


PM: you are not doing yourself, your employees, your community members ( some of which actually help you to resolve problems but are also getting frustrated and stop responding  more and more to other users posts/cry for help ) and your customers any favour.....


80-90% of all posts for help on the board here are for the same re-occuring issues ....


even with the "Simon helps" buddy there won't be much of a change for as long as the actual "heavy" problems won't be solved....

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen
I'd advocate for an actual helpline but this far cheaper and would be a commendable investment into not only your customers but the well-being of your community moderators that seem to be scrambling to catch up with the huge backlog. A forum should not be used as an issue tracker but in the meantime, maybe have someone write a forum bot. That would be able to at least respond to the customers and give a semblance of a queue. This way people won't be tempted to spam your moderators and even if they do you could quickly pile through the duplicate issues.
Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Even if they have issue tracking system which I think they have because I was given a ticket number if only 4 or 5 staffs checking issues then response will be still delayed. They should add more people to help, they should include the technical team to address the issue, they are quicker to fix issues and response will be faster since this will elimanate the process wherein the mods check the issue and if they cannot fix it or if technical issue they will pass it to the technical team.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I think the community mods are doing a great job considering all the messages they have to sift through. 


One of the problems is that it's unclear (at least to me) where we're supposed to ask for help. When I first encountered a problem I logged a ticket using the "contact us below" option in the "Get Help" section. I noticed the people who responded to me then are different than the mods so I'm not sure if they work together or not. It also didn't help that the helpdesk people respond maybe once a day and seemed to be bouncing around between different people every day.


I ended up posting a message on the community forums for help, hoping that I would get the attention of someone faster. If helpdesk and mods are a single pool of people then me doing what I did only doubled their workload for no real reason. Someone had to respond to my helpdesk request as well as my forum post.


I would welcome any change to the current system that would streamline the process of requesting help.



Retired Oracle / Oracle Retraité

18 votes and counting!  Thanks for the support everyone!

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I agree with this 100%! Particularly with sequencing issues. It's frustrating when a user has to wait days for a response while a more recent issue gets tended to the day of. 😞

There needs to be some order. And maybe a couple more mods, especially around promo periods. The wait time I've been experiencing for conflict resolution is not good

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I agree, there needs to be some form of organization that a forum model cant possibly meet.  If PM wants to support its customers online only thats great, but at least provide a reliable system to do this.

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

I Would really like to see a bug system for non "security breach" related bugs like auto-pay, account plan change bug etc. this would allow for known issues to be in a single place and the status ie: new,identified,patch on the way, patch complete, resolved


the biggest thing is this will solve posts about "is this fixed?" or duplicate posts about the same issues. and people can simplify posts on the board like "Account Issue need Help -Bug#15234" and mods know exactly what the issue is already, and how to fix it. creating a simplified response and action system.