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Please utilize an issue-tracking system for issues from community members

Please utilize an issue-tracking system for issues from community members

Dear Public Mobile community team,


In continuing with the general theme of frustration felt on the community the past couple of weeks, I'd like to put forth this suggestion, which you are probably already aware of and are hopefully already working on.  Once again this is in no way a slight against our awesome community mods Shazia, Mary, Saray, and Caroline--I know they are working tirelessly to help everybody!


That said, there really needs to be a better way for the community mods to:

- receive issues

- assign an issue or case number

- respond to the person with issue or case number (automated)

- allow the person to check their issue status using their case number themselves

- determine and assign a priority and sequencing to the issues

- communicate resolution (preferably in automated way).


In short, your team needs an issue tracking/management tool.  There are many commercially available, both on-premise packages, or cloud-based services you could subscribe to.  It sounds like the email team already use such a system, you could consider that.  Or another system.  I'm not fussy, but the current community activity suggests that either none or a sub-optimal system is in place currently.  Again, not at all a slight to our moderators, whom I think are awesome! 


Please strongly consider putting this in place before running another promo plan like the current one.  


Thank you for your consideration!

Mayor / Maire

yes... PLEASE!

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen
Yes I can confirm that during the promotion for the 120/3mth deal 2 of my friends that I told to switch over who always research things first came to the forums and after reading many negative comments decided not to switch. Now I will agree that your always going to get your negative posts and positive ones but your often going to see more negative ones cause the people are frustrated and need to vent somewhere. The people who are happy generally just move on with life. Some type of formal ticketing system would probably benefit PM immensely, just don't know the associated cost with setting up such a system.
Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire


Just a note to keep this on the list and say how important this idea is.... great job describing a solution @srlawren .



Retired Oracle / Oracle Retraité

Thanks @TheOldVR!

Good Neighbour / Bon Voisin

Can't believe this isnt already in place but great suggestion.


Retired Oracle / Oracle Retraité

@choworth agreed, 100%

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

Yeah - things have really gotten better around here (although we don't have a true line of sight to PM's response times through other channels.....).


I would have thought that an issue-tracking system would have been the first thing that PM took on after recovering from the winter promotion.


Oh well.... It's Thursday so positive thoughts!


Yay PM and yay us for saving $$$!!!


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