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Launch True Tablet Plans

Launch True Tablet Plans

Most of the Public plans are geared towards pick3 options; in most cases it actually costs more to exclude a feature (eg if you only want talk + data there is no reason to not select txt as well)


The one thing Public has not really bothered with are Tablets & Hotspots


Financially they are always a great sell (since most clients rarely use the data regularily) and creates an easy upgrade cycle to sell larger data add ons for the few who do use it


Most competitors have plans between $5 and $25 per month

Publics lowest cost option is $30 (reduced to $25 if prepay 90 days)


Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

With services like Fongo, Hangouts and TextNow among the many, many others available; all you really need now is data for your phones and tablets. I make phone calls to just about anywhere in Canada for free and text anyone absolutey free as well, all you really need is a SIM compatible device and a reasonable data plan. PM's 6GB/90 day data plan will serve me well!

New Neighbour / Nouveau Voisin

Yup would love to have data only plans for my tablet as well so I dont need to tether from my phone. Something like 2 or 3 GBs for every 30 days for $10 - $20 would be awesome.

Mayor / Maire

Since Fido can offer a $15 for 3GB plan with a free Tablet, Telus can offer a $10 for 1GB plan with a free Tablet, and now Freedom has entered the fray with $15 for 4GB with a free Tablet it seems like Public should be making a good profit by offering a prepay Tablet plan and no hardware.



Mayor / Maire


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