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Have a live chat option to talk to admins

Have a live chat option to talk to admins

In addition to E-mail support and the community forums I think public mobile should have a live chat option with the administrators to have quicker response times for support.

Mayor / Maire

I believe PM is looking at different aspects to this, to be fair, not too sure what route that PM may take

Retired Oracle / Oracle Retraité

Although this is an appealing option, @McLaren, I believe the idea has been pass on previously.  You never know what direction the future may hold, but I'd call this one "unlikely".


Here's just a few previous examples of this suggestion:


Mayor / Maire

Yup they need a better way to handle service requests since they killed off phone support


Blindly posting and waiting (hoping) for a prompt response by *volunteers* is not adequete as we can see, and if Public continues to grow it will get worse


Cat Mad


I agree and disagree:


- agree if issue likely requires several back and forth exchanges to resolve, customer has no services, AND customer has remained online


- disagree for more straightforward issues especially when service is not down; eg. recover my password, correct my account, some rewards are missing, and others

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Status changed to: Not for us

Thanks for sharing this idea. Unfortunately, this idea is not for us.


@Jeremy_M Thanks for the update. You must have an ocean full of ideas to evaluate and rate. Hang in there. Robot wink