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Correct Payment Dates

Correct Payment Dates

There are so many people that see the  payment date on the main overview page and it is incorrect.  They also see the message of Account Suspended yet they still have service many still make a top-up payment.


 But I have found that the more accurate date that the payment actually comes out on is in the Rewards Section. 


I am not sure why there are two different payment dates listed for an account but that is totally confusing and shouldn't happen.  Isn't there a way to have ONE PAYMENT DATE and have it be THE CORRECT DATE for the payment.  This would clear up so many issues.  Still not sure how two different dates are even possible for one account I would think that would be an easy fix.

Mayor / Maire

I made note of this just the other day.


on the overview page, the date is more for the customer who uses vouchers and/or credit card, without AutoPay.  This is so funds are available to renew, without service disruption.


As you note, the AutoPay payment happens the day after, and things normally go right.


Both dates are correct in my mind, but still confusing as they’re not defined as Clearly as they should be.


A payment date is a payment date.  There shouldn't be two dates one for autopay and one for manual/voucher payments?!?!


@stonechucker Hadn't thought of that explanation. Make sense, thanks. Robot Happy

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it is just bad wording.  Basically you need to pay up on the 28th or it would be cut off on the 29th,.

In the computer era where things happen instantly, there should not be distinction between individual steps. The granularity adds no value. I agree with this suggestion.
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I do not believe Public Mobile runs on an instantaneous computerized system.  Knowing what I do at work with various txt files, that are extracted from one system, and are imported to a different system, then processed on a scheduled almost daily basis, I think Public Mobile does something very similar.


is it right, I do not know that answer, but does it work, most times, yes.


@Luddite suggested a day or two ago that volume of renewals could very like

y have increased from all of the promotions within the last 14 months.  The Fall Promo 2016 was the first ever Promo, and it took forever for many people to get a successful signup.  I first tried PM in December 2015 on a 10 trial, before I came just after the new regular plans were intoduced in summer 2016 (this was when the 90 for 90 popular plan was discontinued).


If I recall correctly, AutoPay wasn’t available in the original form of PM.  It was an added feature which at first was a predefined amount the subscriber had to manually set, then it became a calculated amount based on rewards and available funds, etc.


these are all the reasons I think this is a somewhat manual process of moving data from one system to another, and possibly a repeated process within a day to get it all done.

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True.  This is very confusing.  It would be nice if this issue is fixed.

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What if they changed the wording to "Account Debited Date" that covers all of the above noted concerns and then you know when it will debit the amount from your balance or from auto pay... @ShawnC13 @stonechucker


*(wording is completely flexible. just a thought)*