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Bring back old 1GB Plan

Bring back old 1GB Plan

I see that PM found the sweetspot for middle data users. But, there are many others who just need enough data for some occasion like transiting or going on a local trip. It even comes in handy when there is a problem with Wi-Fi. I am sure having as little as 1GB was the option that suited many. I see that PM is targeting user for that awesome $120 plan, but it will not be the choice for many other who don't need that 6GB or 3GB data. I don't see this hurting when you will be targeting light and medium data users. For light data users, they got no choice. There is a big difference between 1GB @ $90 and 3GB @ $111. I do not see the point to just ignore light data users. That 3GB options should not be offered because there is only $9 difference to get extra 3GB so who wouldn't? 


So, i think PM should bring back that $90 / 1GB plan because getting on the plan without data and than adding $30 add-on would be too much. 



Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

@kav2001c Its not about more data or global text.  Its the need of a person.


I was happy with 1 gb data and local texts in $90. I dont need 3 gb data or global text then why should I pay $111 when $90 solves my purpose.


It will be great if PM reconsider their decision and bring back $90/90 day plan back for the users who use less data and local texts.





Mayor / Maire

@zakhan78 ok fair enough, I actually do agree that the $90 plan was best ever for light data users

Just couldn't wrap my head around the idea that the other carrier in your scenario was cheaper somehow


Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

@kav2001c So if you agree and most of the Public mobile users are agree then Why Public Mobile managment is not listening to demand of its users?


They should restore $90/90 day plan and also can keep $111/90 plan.


So that users will have choice and more customers will be attracted. Public mobile should consider no of customers base.



Mayor / Maire

@zakhan78 it has to do with profitability. The reason the old plan was so low was the discount being given was disproportionate to the cost.


I had actually submitted a (better) idea that leave 1GB intact but deny any plan with 1GB to get the Pick3 discount.


Still a no go though too bad.

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

@kav2001, discounts are fixed. They are not linked to the value.


How much would your better idea turn out to be? The same price as the 3GB plan?


The point is that they took the 1GB option away, along with the Canada-Text option, as iPhone users need international to activate their phone (I have an Android and never text internationaly). Given that people on PM have to bring their phone and that the cost of iPhone are higher than other phones, I wonder if they are trying to cater to a very small group of people, smaller than the people interested in a 90$/90 day plan.


The less options they have to serve everyone the better for them. The higher the ARPU, the better for them, too. With time, people will forget about this plan (at least, they hope).

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen
Public Mobile has shown that they look at $ before customer satisfaction. Maybe it's not ARPU they are after, but rather the change was to answer to "coopetition".

I have one PM account when I could have four.

Now with Rogers having a former TELUS CEO, maybe Chatr will align itself when PM.

In the end, one must look at all factors when selecting a carrier. Quick connect times for calls (as it goes through Koodo's prepaid server) and lower speeds in rural Ontario are not to be ignored.

It's great to have the $90 plan but for the other phones, it forced me to explore other equivalent alternatives.
Mayor / Maire

This plan has returned in the 3G offerings

People spoke & Public listened


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