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Adding AM/PM to Usage History

Adding AM/PM to Usage History


All times currently displayed in Usage History lack AM and PM. If I am reviewing my Usage History from a day or two ago, I can recall if a call at 9:30 occurred in the morning or evening. Since Usage History dates back 90 days, I find it impossible to determine if an event, or a series of events, took place in the AM or PM that far back. If you would like to see AM and PM added to all times in Usage History, I am requesting your support for this proposal. If there is sufficient support, I'm confident that Public Mobile will implement it.


Thank you.

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

Yeah I just noticed that....not that I really need it but it would make sense to have AM/PM or even 24HR clock...otherwise who really knows what time it refers to.


Hi Rick,


Thank you for your feedback. Much appreciated!


I'm equally divided between AM/PM and the 24-hour clock. For those who are unfamiliar with the latter, 8:30 am is 08:30, and 4:20 pm is 16:20. I'm content with what the majority wants, as the main point is to have times expressed in AM/PM or the 24-hour clock.



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