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Add identity option for account activation

Add identity option for account activation

I am okay with SIM only service from PM except my only concern is that anyone can buy a SIM card and activate it using fake identification. In that case anyone who knows my address and name can activate a line and MAY use it for illegal purpose.


If PM could implement something to upload a scan copy of your DL or Government issued ID after activating (lets say withing 48 hours) then they can easily verify account holder's identity or else suspend the account until verified.

Mayor / Maire

@Civic_E I don't want to dismiss your idea as paranoid or overly concerned, but I believe (and somoene correct me if I'm wrong) that this issue exists with most or all pre-paid options available in Canada (and probably in many other countries).  As no credit check is required for pre-paid, there is no need to verify one's identity.   But here's the thing--if a criminal used your name and address to activate a pre-paid line and preform illegal activities, don't you think a prosecutor would have a very hard time trying to convince a jury it was you, beyond a shred of doubt?  Also, if a criminal already had your name and address and wanted to do bad things, activating a phone service is probably not the worst thing they could do.  I just think the risk here is quite small.  


Do you have any more specific concerns?  Have I missed something?  Have you heard of this happening to anyone?


Once again, I'm not trying to belittle your idea or be confrontational, I'm just trying to think about and assess the actual risk you are asking to be addressed.

Mayor / Maire

Why would someone waste their time setting up a cell phone in your name, when it's no profit to them? If someone is going to set up a fake account, they'll just buy a "burner phone" and use a fake name like PIERRE POUTINE. Remember the robocalls scandal in Guelph?


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