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Mayor / Maire

Re: update "international countries" list

PM only offers roaming in the US so you would need a different sim to use in Europe.  You could use Wi-Fi apps TextNow, Skype,.Fongo, or WhatsApp.  You could use any web based email app.



Mayor / Maire

Re: update "international countries" list

@emvilliger  Public mobile renegotiates international calling agreements on a regular basis. If a rate to country seems unreasonable for the bottom line or the demand is too low to jusify the expense (which i suspect with Switzerland and its not part of the EU) it was probably dropped. On the same vein you may get a high demand country added like the Philippines the next time contracts are up for negotiation.

@dabr  @kelvarnsen   Puerto Rico is the only US territory you can call from Canada unlike Guam or the US virgin islands and is considered international caĺling.

@Kaleden  Curacao is within the kingdom of the Netherlands but is its own country. It is likely a sim from Venezuela would cover Curacao and vice versa considering their close proximity.

@marilores  If you are planning a trip to Europe you can purchase a European travel SIM online but if your entry country is within the UK buying one there offers the best deal for travel in the EU.

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