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Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

data usage mismatch

I had a plan for 100 minutes and an add-on for 500 more minutes. I used only about 97 minutes in all out of the 600. I got a warning that I used 494 of 500 minutes !!!, though I hadn't used any of the 500 minutes yet. Now I just bought another 500 minute add-on, but how do I dispute the overlogging of my minutes used? the usage report still shows less than 100 minutes in all!

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Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

Re: data usage mismatch

@moishe minutes are counted to the nearest minute ie 1.07 seconds is 2 minutes and voicemail calls are also counted. See article. Please check your usage history again. Thanks.

If you still feel that an error occurred. Contact a moderator and explain your situation. Click on the green questionmar in the white circle at the bottom right of your screen.  This connects to the autobot Simon.  Type moderator and follow the prompts to get to one (CLICK on account specific question and human and submit a ticket).

Keep an eye on the envelope top right of your screen. The mods answer will show up there. 

You can also enable email notification to receive a private message notification in your email INBOX.
My settings > PREFERENCES > Private Messenger > enable "Receive email notifications for new private messages" > Save


To save more, add the TextNow voip app and use it via Wifi to make / receive / send calls and texts to Canada and the United States for free. You can also use it as I do to check my voicemail from my own phone without using the minutes from the PM plan. Simply dial your PM phone number - reject the call when it rings (this sends the call to voicemail) - press the * key to allow you to enter your password. - enter - and viola you are in your voicemail account - Hang up when you are finished. No minutes used. Thank you


Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Re: data usage mismatch

On the $15 plan, you will eat up your outgoing minutes by checking voicemail from your phone. Use another phone to check your voicemail by dialing your number and pressing * during the greeting. 

Mayor / Maire

Re: data usage mismatch


You may want to screenshot your minutes tracker from your overview page.  The talk tracker usually is quite accurate.  


The 500 Cdn minutes add on is a one time add on.  Unused portion will roll over to the next month. Once all the minutes run out, the 500 minute Cdn add on will be removed from your account.  


Some more information about minutes:


Talk minutes are counted whenever you make or receive calls on your phone. Talk time is calculated from the start of a call to when it is disconnected, and includes ring time and call routing. Total call time is always rounded up to the nearest minute. Please note that calls to voicemail and forwarding calls will use plan minutes.

Use Minutes

Doesn't Use Minutes

Making a call

Calling *611 (the IVR)

Answering a call (not with $15 plan)

Making or receiving calls from 911

Retrieving voicemail messages

Using calling apps when connected to Wifi

Using call forwarding


Mayor / Maire

Re: data usage mismatch


Don't think of it as 600 minutes. You have 100 minutes with an additional 500. The 100 will reset at your renewal and you will return to it.

But...maybe post a screen snip of your overview page and we might have some thoughts. Blank out personal info of course.


Re: data usage mismatch

@moishe , check the minute usage from the usage history logs and see if you can corroborate the data shown in the overview tab.  If you feel that there is something wrong, you can take it up with the moderator team.  They will be able to address any discrepancies that you identify.  The moderator team can be reached via private message using this link.  Please include a detailed description of the issue and the required resolution. This will speed up problem resolution significantly. Refer to the following knowledge base link for additional information on contacting the moderator team.

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

Re: data usage mismatch

@DunkmanAny types of call forwarding do not consume minutes on the current $15 plan. (personally tested)


"Conditional" call forward did not use minutes on the old $10 and $15 plans, but unconditional did apparently. (not personally tested)