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Mayor / Maire

Re: can i buy us roaming for longer then 10 days

Newer Apple iPhones and Google Pixel devices can use an eSIM.

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

Re: can i buy us roaming for longer then 10 days

add-on for US every 10 days. 

if it is too much of work then you can try that mint option described above.  

Mayor / Maire

Re: can i buy us roaming for longer then 10 days


Here is some info about US roaming add ons that should help you.....


  1. While you have to have an active plan to purchase and use US roaming add ons the type of plan you have does not affect the roaming add ons features.
  2. US roaming add ons start the moment you confirm and submit your purchase in your self serve account and expire 240 hours later (10 days×24 hours).
  3. You can pre-load the funds needed to purchase the add ons in your self serve account so you only have to log in, select the US roaming add on and then confirm and submit your purchase.
  4. Wait til late as possible to purchase since they are immediately valid so on free wifi at the destination airport or stopping shortly before the border at mcd's or timmy's to buy the add on while on free wifi.
  5. If you are staying longer than 10 days you must wait a minimum of 24 hours to purchase the same US roaming add on or contact the moderators to add it before the waiting period ends.
  6. If you have two US roaming add ons with a talk feature that overlap the talk feature basically gets disabled. Avoid this....but you will have to get one removed by a moderator to get your calling feature back if this happens.
  7. After purchase reboot your phone and manually select either at&t or T-mobile to get better reception. Some areas have better coverage by either provider so when travelling around the US you will be better served by choosing the provider with better signal strength by locale.
  8. You will recieve incoming texts without any US roaming add ons. Adding the fongo app and textnow app for use on wifi are good to use for a back up plan or you could call forward your pm phone # to your fongo # before you leave Canada and purchase just the US data roaming add on. Fongo also works on mobile data (1 min=0.5mb/100 min=50mb) so you could still recieve incoming pm texts, recieve incoming pm calls to your fongo #/app, outgoing calls from your fongo number and outgoing  texts from textnow for free or small fee from fongo.
  9. All US roaming add ons have either unlimted text, talk or both. Only data has limits depending on your purchase 250mb/500mb/1gb. Once the data is consumed it will just stop you could then purchase different roaming add on, wait 24 hr to buy or contact the moderator to buy the same US roaming add on again. (* except talk as previously mentioned.)

Mint mobile is an excellent option.



Thanks for the tip about B&H Photo.





...and thanks for the e-sim tip too!😃

Mayor / Maire

Re: can i buy us roaming for longer then 10 days

just checked.. I think Numberbarn is $2/month and $5 one time fee.  


Fongo is $25 one time charge to port in  and free to port out after 3 months.  


So, Fongo might be a better deal after 10 months.  Anything added value is that you can keep using the number with it's VoIP app.   Something to think about. 

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Re: can i buy us roaming for longer then 10 days

My son was in the USA May - Aug. He used Boost Mobile during that time.


He just returned to the USA for school - I always get him the 10 day roaming package so he has something to keep him connected.


Anyways, he just called to tell me he signed up for Mint Mobile 😂 this time around.


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