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Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

US Data did not work


I recently spent the weekend in the states and bought $10 200MB data on to use there. I've bought and used this addon before no problem. However this time it was not working. I tried everything from manually selecting carriers, making sure roaming is on, restarting the phone, double checking that I actually bought the addon and its active, all the other advice on this commiunty, and turning data on and off. Nothing worked, I used 0MB from my addon. At this point I'm back in Toronto; I'm wondering how to go about getting refunded for the addon ? To reiterate I could not use it at all and this can be verified on my account. 

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Mayor / Maire

Re: US Data did not work

I would contact the Moderator Team with your account and 4 digit pin in a private message and explain in detail what happened.

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