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Mayor / Maire

Re: The Cost of Temporary Upgrades and Downgrades

@BWV565 wrote:

I know I'll be needing more than my 1GB of monthly data this summer, but paying the $30 for 1GB add-on seems pretty steep. I'm currently paying $25/month for 500MB plus 500MB bonus.  Why wouldn't I just pay an extra $15 and temporarily switch to the $40 plan and get an extra 4GB/month,


@BWV565  Actually the $40.00 plan gives you 4.5GB + Bonus 500MB with AutoPay.


then after a couple of months switch back to my $25 plan?  Would I lose the 500MB bonus when I switch back to my $25 plan?  I presume my $2 autopay reward would remain intact.  Am I missing something?


@BWV565  Yes, AutoPay remains intact because it is associated with the account. The 500 MB bonus is not lost in fact all PM ready made talk/text/data plans $25 and up currently offer the AutoPay 500MB bonus.  The danger is that the $25.00 plan might not be available when you are ready to switch back. A good way to protect yourself from that happening is to schedule a plan change on next renewal and if the plan is still available cancel the plan change before your renewal and repeat for the next period.