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Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

Re: Oh my God 'Crazy New Add on $5 for 500 minutes Canada Wide

@Julia_T  Great to hear that this has been resolved. Thanks for letting us know.






Mayor / Maire

Re: Oh my God 'Crazy New Add on $5 for 500 minutes Canada Wide

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This is the reply I received.  If you had different experience please report to @Julia_T



 It does not matter what order you've added the add-ons. 


If you have all 3 LD talk add-ons and call within Canada, the order which minutes will be depleted from will be: rate plan allotment (if possible), Canada-wide, then Canada-US, then International.

@mimmo: and everybody really...I received a lovely reply back from Julia_T that they say they have fixed the issue. I just renewed so I won't be testing it anytime soon. But they say it should make more sense as to the order of consumption now. Plan minutes, 500, 200, 400.

I didn't have the 400 but it DID go to the 200. It should have gone to the 500. So now it should. Rock and roll.

Thanks Julia_T.

Nice to hear it got sorted, hopefully they credited back all your minutes too, and that PM techs have fixed the glitchSmiley Happy

They didn't adjust any minutes but it's not that much to make a deal about it. There was one cross over call that finished the 50 and then went over to the 200 and then the rest came out of the 200. I mostly made a bunch of useless little test calls and such that maybe come to another 10 minutes maybe. I don't need them examining my call history THAT much Smiley Happy

They gave me a system issue credit and then re-installed the 500.

We'll see next if and when I use the 50 where it comes out of. So someone else needs to observe things until then. Smiley Happy

I'll reserve petty little dickering for when it's not petty.