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Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

No incoming texts upon US add-on expiry

I've posted before about randomly not receiving any incoming texts for a day and have finally figured out it is not random at all. I have since realized that on the day of a US add-on expiring, I will not receive any incoming texts that day from anybody on any carrier. Outgoing texts work as do outgoing and incoming calls and LTE data. This happens when I am in Canada receiving texts from other Canadians or out-of-country texts.


This has been happening since the US add-ons were introduced every time I've purchased an add-on. I've tried rebooting my phone and using my SIM in another phone but this does not solve the problem.


I also know others in my family have had the exact same issue upon a US add-on expiry so it's not an isolated issue.


Has anyone else experienced this? If you're not receiving incoming texts, check if it's the 10th/last day of a US add-on.


@Moderator_Team I hope you can provide some insight and help on this! Thanks!

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Re: No incoming texts upon US add-on expiry

Hello @TimGj!


Sorry to hear you have not been receiving text messages after coming back from the US Smiley Sad 


In fact, this is indeed a system glitch our support team is aware of and currently working on to get fixed (one day)! It will usually get self-resolved within 12-24 hours of the add-on expiring. 


For faster resolution, you can also send us a private message including your phone & account number and we'll be able to manually fix things instantly! 


Cheers Cat Very Happy 



*Please do not post private info such as: phone number, account number, PIN etc... This is a public forum!*
Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Re: No incoming texts upon US add-on expiry

@MarieHelene_L Thanks for the prompt reply!


Good to know it's a known issue. How long might this take? It's been happening a long time now.


I will definitely PM next time this happens, though, good to know it can be resolved without having to wait the 12-24 hours.