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Missed Deal & data not working.

We had Hurricane Dorian hit us on Saturday and just now, Monday morning, we are getting internet service back.  I am frustrated to say that data did not work even 3/4 of the time, even long after the storm was gone, and still not working this morning.  I live in the middle of a large city, I do not understand why I cant use my data consistently.   Another member in the household had intermittent data with Public Mobile as well. I am not happy with this, I have data on my plan for emergencies such as this.  Also, when trying to figure out what was going on, we  saw the free month for new members promotion, we were thinking of having a third member of the household join, but I couldn't keep connection long enough to register them.  I would still like to get the deal, since it was Public Mobile's lack of service that prevented me from getting it over the weekend. 😞 I also would like to know why our data was not working.  And it wasn't the settings on our phones we never changed anything from when it worked to when it didnt.  😞  Thank you for any help you can give, I have heard this is a good company, just very disappointed that I couldn't receive or reply to important emails this weekend for a meeting tonight.

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Re: Missed Deal & data not working.

Try submitting a ticket to the moderators by clicking on the question mark on the bottom right using Simon.


Re: Missed Deal & data not working.

@mailinges, it is unfortunate what happened this weekend in the east coast.  The most important thing is nobody gets injured, material effects are quite secondary.  That said, no service provider can be held to account for a severe weather event affecting service.  It is beyond their control.  All contracts come with force majeur clauses to cover this type of unforeseen situation.  Restoration can take time.  You will have to be reasonable and patient.  As for lost opportunity to take advantage of time limited deals, I would suggest reaching out to Public Mobile for some goodwill.  Start with appealing to the moderator team and see what they say.  If you don't get success report back, maybe the community voice can be more persuasive.  Anyway, the moderator team can be reached via private message using using smartforms which is initiated by clicking on the ? on the lower right corner of the webpage. The guided process will facilitate documentation of the issue or concern and the required resolution which will be submitted to the moderator team.  Refer to this announcement link for additional details on smartforms and the ticketing system for moderator team interactions.  Refer to the following knowledge base article for additional information on the moderator team.







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