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Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Re: I have used up my data, can I top up my data for just this month and if so how?

Just go on the ad ons and add more data but 1gb for 30$ is crazy I have 5GB and I use it in a about a week we need more data maybe 15gb would be better 

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

Re: I have used up my data, can I top up my data for just this month and if so how?

@rcheng92, always remember to turn off your Data plan when not it use. Any app that needs data such as the internet running in the background may eat some of your data. So, to prevent it, just turn it off. And turn off wi-fi assist, this will also eat up that bandwidth too.

As well, turn on wi-fi as much as possible when needed vs using your data. 

For example, if you are at home, at a restaurant or at work, and their is wi-fi available, use that versus turning on your data. Why eat up your data and use it for places that there is no wi-fi! 

As well, if you subscribe to a cable service such as Shaw Cable as an example, I use Shaw Open. As a Shaw Internet customer, you can access a huge network of super-fast WiFi locations all over your city for no additional cost. So you can stay connected, whether you're sipping a latte, waiting for a train, or even working out at the gym. Once you register your mobile devices on Shaw Go WiFi, they will automatically connect every time you enter a Shaw Go WiFi hotspot. If you don't have cable, but your parents, or maybe, your partner parents do, and they don't use it, you could get them to register your phone through their account. Hey every little bit helps in saving a few extra bucks!