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Mayor / Maire

Re: How plans work at Public Mobile?

@user2018 wrote:

May be its a dumb question, I am sorry about that.


If I activate an account (30 days plan) for instance Dccember 15, what will be my renewal date? January 14 or January 13?


For other operators they have month-month plan so they ignore 31st day of any month, but for Public Mobile its 30 days. Thats mean for above example renewal date will be 13 January or still it will be 14 January?

No dumb questions. Good of you to investigate things.

It's 30 days. So yes it floats around a bit. Then February kinda re-aligns it.


Re: How plans work at Public Mobile?

As this is a 30-day or 90-day, so there's normally 5 extra days in the year.  Leap year has 6 extra days.


The months that follow a month with only 30 days, will renew the same day.  Follow a 31 day month, 1 day earlier.


March renews 2 days later (3/4 years), 1 day in a leap year. (oops!  had to change the 3 to 1).