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Mayor / Maire

Re: How can i check my existing plan data speed

@Helpershelper wrote:

PM connects to the same LTE towers that you would normally connect to if you were a Telus customer as an example. PM just gives you data at a reduced speed, I haven’t noticed a difference really and you can’t beat the price.

Telus speeds are the same. Most of their mobile data plans are what they call "4G HSPA+" - upper-capped at 3Mbps, just like Public Mobile (and Koodo, Bell/Virgin/Lucky, Chatr). Customers can get full 4G LTE/LTE-A (and now also 5G, in some places) only if they pay extra for a plan with "4G Speed".


Pings and latencies and jitter on this "3G Speed" are all based on 4G. So internet is snappy and responsive. The only downsides from the slower data throughput is a limit on video streaming density ("3G Speed" only supports up to a little less than 1080p at 30fps in practice) or very large downloads (which most people would do rarely if ever on a mobile device) - or P2P filesharing (which is just a dumb thing to do on a mobile device).


4G (and 5G) speeds are ludicrous with the puny handful of GB provided on most mobile data plans. There's little point in having an unthrottled uncapped speed (or in paying extra for it) when it can drain your entire monthly allocation in just a few minutes. (Which is exactly what often happens when people run speedtests on their unthrottled mobile data.)

Mayor / Maire

Re: How can i check my existing plan data speed

@fulgorre wrote:

So Im looking at potentially upgrading my plan. I have the plan from a few years back when i switched from freedom mobile i got $120 for 3 months /w 12GB of data divided over those 3 months.


Seems like all PM plans say 3G speed - are all their plans like that?  I tried to check if my plan is any different and it doesnt list any data speeds.


Is there a way i can check or all the plans the same data speeds and all im picking is cost and data cap?

Your existing plan is $120 90-day 12GB 4G ($114 with AutoPay).

The closest equivalent from PM's Plans is $40 30-day 4GB "3G Speed" ($38 and 4.5GB with AutoPay).


The "3G" vs 4G speed difference isn't noticeable for the things most people do most of the time online. If you stream video higher than 1080p 30fps the 4G is better. If waiting ten seconds for a large operating system update every few months isn't for you then "3G" isn't either.


If you use AutoPay then 13.5GB "3G" vs 12GB 4G at same price. Only an issue if 4GB each month isn't enough (and if 4.5GB each month is enough).


The 90-day 12GB provision is spread over 90 days. It could be used evenly over three months or it could all be used up in one afternoon.

I have a friend who uses almost no data most of the time, but every few months he uses a ton of data over a weekend of vacationing. This sort of 90-day plan would work out better in this example than half-wasted 30-day data provisions plus an as-needed pile of data add-ons.


Finally, there's the non-Data parts of the plan. PM's $40 plan is Unlimited Canada-Wide Talk, Unlimited Canada/US/International Texts (and MMS attachments). Maybe your existing $120 plan is as good, maybe not, maybe it doesn't even matter because of your particular calling/texting habits.


And you already know this is a "grandfathered" legacy plan. You can always switch away from it, you can never switch back to it. To be honest, I'd hang onto it until the (ever changing) in-market PM plans finally offer something which is decisively better in some detail which I find actually relevant - but maybe those details are already relevant to you.

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