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Mayor / Maire

Re: Get notified of ANY New Promos, Announcement, System Outages, etc (and any other feeds)

@wetcoaster wrote:


Stop the enless quoting without contribution, please.

If you have anything to ask or add to help the person you quoted, feel free to do so. But just quoting doesn't do anything.

@wetcoaster also, could everyone please take 12 seconds to make sure you curor is below the quote text before you start typing in a reply?  It's really hard to read when you put your response in with the quoted text, @Tamhoop.  I know you're not alone in this, which I why I've addressed everyone.

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Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

Re: Get notified of ANY Announcement, including New Promos, System Outages, etc (and any other feeds

So now this thread has been approved by the PM marketing team as a good solution and pinned to this forum area and the Discussions area, here: