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Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Downloads Keep Freezing

My downloads keep freezing and I have wasted almost 2Gb of add on data, yes...that's $60.00 trying to fix the issue. It was working fine and now it doesn't matter what I try and download, from a single mp3 to a 700Mb file, it freezes and states "waiting for network". I have tried two different browsers as well as updating...nothing works. How do I fix the issue AND get a refund or credit to my account for the 2 gigs of data that I purchased as an add on and was wasted as a result of my files not completing? Thanks to anyone who can help. 


Re: Downloads Keep Freezing


Only person that could potentially offer refund is moderators.  Up to moderator though.  


Maybe try the SIM card in another phone to determine whether hardware issue versus PM service issue. 



Mayor / Maire

Re: Downloads Keep Freezing

To submit a ticket to a moderator - click on the question mark on the bottom roght.


Re: Downloads Keep Freezing

@Gardner3293 , I hate to break the news to you.  I don't see a reason why the moderators would give you a refund.  I don't see how you could prove that it is the service that is causing the problem.  Personally, I would download a large file like that on WiFi.  

Mayor / Maire

Re: Downloads Keep Freezing

@Gardner3293 were you out of data? If not, it might be better to change to a plan with more data. Larger downloads aren't usually a good idea becauae of how little the plans include.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Re: Downloads Keep Freezing

By excluding the external situations like PM servers, cellular communications, incorrect settings in your Account profile and the management of Data Plan usage when reaching a certain limitation. 
Merely affected by your phone, the two possibilities that may have caused your downloads freezing are:

1. Not enough free space at the location for storing the download file.

Solution: Ensure that the download location contains enough free space before downloading file(s). Utilize one of these alternatives:

a) As many Android phones provide a "File Manager" app which reveals the effective size of
"Used" and "Available" of the "Internal" storage and the external storage "SD card."

If your phone doesn't possess it, at Google Play Store, you may acquire many tools providing the phone information like "SIM Tool Manager" or "ES File Explorer."

b) On Android phone, go to "Settings." Locate and touch "Storage."

Locate and take note of the size of "Total space" and "Available space" under "Internal storage" and under "SD card" which represents your external microSD card.

Ensure that the free or available size of your download destination is large enough for your download file.

2. Do "Clear Cache" of all apps or mainly of the following apps:
Google Play Services, Google Pay Services for Instant Apps, Google Play Store and the tool you use to download file(s). Restart the phone before downloading file(s).

I understand that after each download freezing and subsequent retries, they've consume all you Data plan capacity. As this is a complex situation, you may want to submit a request to PM Moderator_Team explaining your case, so they would consider and decide whether or not to give credit to your account.

Hoping this may help.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Re: Downloads Keep Freezing

No, lots of data left.

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